Every body has a story to tell! Alongside the art competition and the collaboration with professional artists, Bonty has made several attempts to smoke out various storytellers in her community of Maun especially amongst the youth.

She has made several visits to primary schools where she has presented her book and spoken to children about storytelling. The exercise is meant to encourage a reading culture amongst school children. Many have transitioned to television and computers abandoning leisure reading as a pastime.
By meeting with the children, as a self-publisher, she is able to share her experiences and bring the conception of a book to their laps. She also narrates her stories in order to upkeep the oral tradition of storytelling. On a trip to the Grey Matters/Living with Elephants Foundation she joined students from two public schools and a French film crew filming a program “Faut Pas Rever”. This trip proved that nothing beats a good story especially around a fire at night time. The evening ended with many children sharing some of their stories, songs and traditional games. A family custom that exists in very few households. 
Bonty spent two weeks with children from Bana Ba Letsatsi and Bana Ba Metsi, NGO’s for vulnerable children mentoring them on storytelling through song and dance.

Although storytelling is a gift, it is best passed on from one generation to another. Here Bonty brought together her theatre group with orphaned and vulnerable children to exchange storytelling techniques.